Grip Boost Gloves Review

Do you have NFL level aspirations? Are you looking to take your game to the next level as a wide receiver on your team? Then these are the gloves for you!

We have all dealt with the shoddy pair of gloves before. You know the ones I’m talking about…the grip-less gloves that leave your hands crazy sweaty and impossible to get off?

The grip boost gloves are totally different and are exactly what you need to get to the next level! They have improved grip, ventilation, all weather durability, adjustability, and comfortability!

To give a proper review I decided to use these gloves over a several month time span to demonstrate each of their specifically listed qualities.

I played backyard football games with my friends in the heat, rain, and snow to test all features.

Let’s hop into it!

Game 1: Heat Of The Summer

This game was played during the first couple weeks of preseason when it was still very hot out. I figured this would be a great time to test the ventilation of these gloves.

I’ve had plenty of experience with gloves of other brands like Adidas and Nike, so I know what to look and feel for.

I was really impressed with the ventilation of these gloves during the heat. It may have helped that the gloves I was using were white…but I’ll give them all the benefit of the doubt.

My hands were sweaty after the game was over…but they weren’t dripping by any means. Considering the price of the gloves, I believe value is definitely there.

However, if I am being completely honest, the gloves still left me desiring more in the ventilation department. I felt they could be a little better in breathability.

From a business standpoint I understand it however, why spend anymore research in R&D when you are already the best? Still let’s see a bit more ventilation.

So, what about the grip in the heat? Grip was phenomenal and that’s probably no shock since the hotter things get the stickier they get.

I was able to ring in one hander’s much more easily than I was with other gloves and that was fairly noticeable! Many of my friends thought I had put glue on my gloves. NOPE just grip boost by itself!

Game 2: Rainy Days

Rain is a good test of any glove, will the grip leave all together? Or will it fight just as hard as you while you’re in the rain?

The grip boost gloves flat out deliver! Although some loss of grip is to be expected, and there was, it wasn’t nearly as bad as other gloves in the market. In fact, I’d argue it’s grip was better in the rain than some gloves grips are when its dry!

When I would go in for the catch there was much less slippage than there was with normal gloves.

In fact, to test this, midway through the game I actually switched to gloves of another competing brand to compare. The results were clear. The grip boost gloves would stop the ball much sooner every time.

The competing brand would have more slippage and sometimes not even stop the football and it’d go straight through my hands.

The only downside that I would have to report about these gloves were the fact that because the ventilation is much better…it’s rain retention was high.

Not a crazy big deal…but every couple minute’s in the huddle I would have to quickly take the gloves off to wring them out. But that is kind of nitpicky, I would much rather take the grip they provide all day!

Game 3: Snow day!

Ah yes, the big snow test! This one was fun! The boys and I went outside after thanksgiving and played the annual game.

For the first half of the game the gloves and I were doing great. We were catching a lot of tough passes play after play after play. But the longer the game went on the more we struggled.

Because the ventilation of the gloves is so good, it’s actually a struggle to keep heat in. By the end of the game my fingers were freezing, and I was glad to be done.

In the future I would like to see these gloves offer some sort of adjustable insulation lining for colder games.

Game 4: The Last One

At this point I had played several games, and the gloves were several weeks old. It was now time to reflect on the strength and durability of these gloves compared to other market offerings.

I am proud to announce that these gloves aren’t worse for wear! After all the heat, rain, and snow I put them through…most gloves would have been ripped to shreds, but not these!

Although some wear and tear is present, it is nothing that makes you cringe at putting them back on. In fact, I would just describe them as broken in. Just as they mention as a benefit, these are very comfortable as well!

As the backyard football season came to a close I was /  am confident that I will be able to comfortably wear these at the start of next season with no issues whatsoever!


All right so now it’s time for what you’ve all been waiting for. The numbers are in and the score cards are set…how did grip boost gloves do?

Heat performance 8/10: Although the grip was fantastic, the ventilation left me wanting more. It was clear they stopped short in that area when they could have pushed a bit harder.

Rain Performance 9/10: Even though it was annoying having to empty the gloves every couple of minutes, there is no question as to its grip performance. It is hands down better than any other comparable glove on the market.

Snow Performance 7/10: The grip was great…but by the end of the game my fingers were ice cold and couldn’t do much more, would like to see insulation worked on.

Strength and Durability 10/10: Hands down these are some of the best gloves on the market. The grip is uncontested, the strength of the materials is unlike any other glove, and they are so durable after having been put through every weather scenario.

The grip boost gloves have truly knocked it out of the park!