About Us

The Natural Grip is an innovative hand protection device that prevents your hands from ripping and tearing while working out. We are the only custom hand protection on the market made to fit YOU based on YOUR ring finger size.


See more about Robert Herjavec's time with The Natural Grip at The Wodapalooza in Miami on our blog.

Take a behind the scenes look into The Natural Grip with CEO Ashley Drake. Video by Deluxe.



Behind the scenes shoot with Natural Grip athlete Stacie Tovar.


The Natural Grip at the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games, Vendor Village.  Carson, California.


Natural Grip co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Justin Drake, debating whether he wants to do thrusters or not at his home gym in Louisville, Kentucky.  ;-)


Helping size athletes for The Natural Grip during athlete checkin at the KillCliff East Coast Championships in Boston.


Part of The Natural Grip road crew getting started on booth setup at the Cascade Classic in Seattle, Washington.