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Best Grip Tape Longboard


Best Grip Tape Longboard

Did you just get a new deck? Or maybe after years of use your old grip tape has finally worn out? Whatever your case may be, you are probably wondering where to go from here.

Well you have come to the right place! I will walk you through the ins and outs about picking the best grip tape longboard for you and your needs!

Even though this may seem like a relatively easy thing to do, it can be a bit more complicated than you think. After all there are so many different options available now based on many different needs.

We know that you are looking to take your skating game to the next level, and to do that, you need to become more informed of the marketplace and its various options, pros, and cons.

That’s why we have taken the time to create this all you need to know guide about picking the best grip tape for your longboard!

We will go over some different brands and their offerings as well as answer a few frequently asked questions. Let’s hop right into it!

Black Diamond Longboard Grip Tape

If you are a beginner we can’t recommend this tape anymore than we already do! We would classify this as a premium tape simply because of how long it has been reported to last!

Some users and those who have left reviews on sites where it is being sold have reportedly had it last more than 2 years! That is absolutely incredible and a huge achievement when it comes to demonstrated quality.

Just as the name suggests it comes in black all rolled up out of the box. It is fairly adjustable and easy to make cuts. You simply cannot go wrong choosing this brand!

Quest Boards Clear Longboard Grip Tape

This one is for all the skaters who love the design on their boards and don’t want to cover up the amazing piece of artwork that it is.

One of the best things about the grip tape that our team here personally loves is that it does not sacrifice usability for aesthetics.

Most brands that offer clear grip tape will actually have less grip because of the materials they use to keep it clear.

But Quest Boards isn’t most brands! They make no sacrifices when it comes to their best longboard grip tapes. Perhaps what makes this so unique is that it was made by boarders, for boarders.

It’s design has allowed it to prevent air bubbles upon application thereby allowing a smooth finish to board and allowing the artwork on the deck to be seen without blemish.

RDVX Ultra Coarse Longboard Grip Tape

When our team was experimenting with this longboard grip tape, we were shocked and stunned. This grip tape rules! It actually let’s you get a feel for your board by conforming to your longboards concave!

It literally bends to your will!

We were extremely impressed with the brands choice of adhesive as well. Normally other brands will cheap out on it and leave lots of boards with bubbles just weeks in…however RDVX goes the distance!

This adhesive sticks better and adjusts to the board itself. That alone makes the ride down steep hills much less stressful because you know bumps that normally give you trouble are a thing of the past with grip tape like this!

Candy Grip Black Licorice

This grip tape is very unique in the sense that it has a 3-D stacking ability. Basically it will look really cool whether you’re just looking at it plainly or while you’re skating!

One of the most practical features that this grip tape has in particular is that it’s waterproof. This makes cleaning it a piece of cake when it gets dirty, and it will if you’re any real skater at all.

To clean this grip tape all that needs to be done is to take a wet wash cloth and slowly rub over the grips. The dirt will fall straight through and the grips won’t be damaged in the slightest.

This is a huge achievement by Candy Grip!


How Durable Are Longboard Grip Tapes?

All the grips that I have listed you can trust as long lasting. These in particular will last 2+ years if taken care of properly.

It is worth noting that some longboard grip tapes are cheap for a reason and it’s usually because of the use of cheaper materials. However, all the brands listed here use premium materials that are long lasting. We would not have listed them here if we thought otherwise!

Another good way to check the durability of a certain grip tape is to check its reviews, most people will lay it all out there good or bad.

Are Grip Tapes Easy To Apply?

In most cases longboard grip tapes are easy to apply. However, if you are brand new, you may want to have a friend of yours help you out.

The key to applying the best grip tape on a longboard is making sure to do it smoothly so that no air bubbles appear.

Air bubbles will ruin the life of the tape because of your shoes rubbing against it constantly. If you are anxious about applying it, we recommend checking out some helpful videos on YouTube!

What Kind Of Material Is Grip Tape Made From?

Although one would guess sandpaper, and we can’t blame them for that after all, most grip tapes are made out of either silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. It all really depends on the brand you go with.

How Expensive Is Longboard Grip Tape?

Thankfully the best grip tape for longboards isn’t crazy expensive. We usually are able to find quality, durable grip tape for about $10-$15. Remember if something seems to be too good to be true it probably is. Cheap long board grip tape will be more expensive over time than the premium priced brand.


Young or old, beginner or pro, picking the best grip tape longboard is extremely important. We hope that this little buying guide was beneficial helped in your decision making process. Skate on!


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