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Hand Grip Exercise Before And After


Hand Grip Exercise Before And After

If you are anything like me, you might be wondering to yourself: Huh I wonder if all those grip strengtheners and exercises have any benefit?

You’re also probably wondering why you don’t see a lot of people talking about them on the web as far as before and after’s go.

The reason is that the results aren’t as shocking as maybe, let’s say, benching for example. Hand grip exercises are the lost exercise because many have no idea how beneficial they are.

For example, did you know that by strengthening your grip, you will come across as more authoritative to people?

Lol all boss jokes aside let’s dive right in and take a serious look what hand grip exercise before and after look like!

For one month I dedicated roughly 15-20 minutes a day to working on hand grip exercises and made a short journal after every workout about it. To test my progress, I would take a benchmark dead hang time at the beginning and the end of the month.

My starting dead hang time was just 30 seconds.

To grow the strength I wanted, I made a routine of 5x20 grips, 3x20 wrist curls, and 3x20 wrist extensions.

Day 1:

This first workout session was brutal by the end of it I struggled to even pick up my water bottle. Safe to say I over worked my forearms.

Day 2:

The second work out wasn’t too much better my arms were sore from the day before but I stuck to the same reps and sets.

Day 3:

The third day showed some progress I was actually able to add a rep to all my sets and my forearms started to feel pumped a little bit.

Day 4:

The fourth day I was able to get through all the exercises without feeling as though my forearms were being put through the shredder.

Day 5:

On the fifth workout day I found that I needed to start adding more resistance as my noob phase was now over.

Day 6:

Test day: I added 5 seconds to my dead hang time

Day 7:


Day 8:

During the weekend I went out and bought 150lb hand grip strengtheners…upgrading 50lbs over my starting point. I kept the sets and reps the same as when I started.

Day 9:

Forearms became more sore once again, but it was a manageable sore…it felt almost, do I dare say, good?

Day 10:

After my first set of wrist curls feeling super easy I decided to move 5lbs up in weight and try to get the same amount of reps…however I was one rep shy on the second set and two reps shy on the third.

Day 11:

Because of the increased weight my forearms were definitely sore and this time they didn’t feel like a good sore, I think I pulled something :/

Day 12:

I took today a little lighter because of how my muscle felt right above the wrist…the workout went smoothly and I felt like it was productive.

Day 13:

Test day: this week I only increased my hang time by 3 seconds…I think my sore wrists had something to do with it.

Day 14:

Rest day

Day 15:

After a solid day of rest I decided to hit the grips hard, and boy did I! I was able to add an extra rep to all my sets. Time to increase the weight!

Day 16:

I went to the store and bought new hand grip strengtheners, these were 200lbs of resistance. When I did the workout I hit a whole brick wall stopping 4 reps short on each set.

Day 17:

This day went a little better, I only stopped 2 reps shy of my goal of reps per set…but my forearms felt super pumped!

Day 18:

Starting to notice some vascularity in my forearms and the size is beginning to be noticeable. I hit all my sets and reps today!

Day 19:

Both arms are beginning to feel much stronger, my deadlift has actually been feeling quite a bit easier. The benefits of the hand grip exercise are beginning to be noticeable in every exercise I do.

Day 20:

Test day: I increased a whole 7 seconds on dead hang this week!

Day 21:

Rest day

Day 22:

Keeping the weight the same this week, but adding a whole extra set. I was able to get 15 reps on each of the extra sets.

Day 23:

Went to the store with my pipe and a sailors hat and had a little kid call me Popeye. Exercises went well.

Day 24:

Decided to drop the sets back down to normal but increase the weight once more. Started using 250lb hand grip strengtheners.

Day 25:

Couldn’t quite get the same amount of reps but I was really close only missing them by 1 each sets.

Day 26:

Becoming really happy with the results I am seeing

Day 27:

Test day: Increased dead hang by 8 more seconds bringing my 4 week total to 45 seconds! A 50% increase!

Day 28:

Rest day:


The strength gains were noticeable and my progress was pretty impressive as well. I am not specially athletic or anything so I believe that anyone, if they try, can achieve the same results I did.

As far as size goes I was honestly pretty impressed. The results aren’t anything that will stay once you stop…but its real solid sarcoplasmic muscle growth which is just a “pump”.

One of the hand grip exercise before and after benefits was how I was able to condition my forearms. They used to be so sore after gripping anything for an extended period of time, but now they aren’t!

If you are considering adding hand grip exercises to your workout to increase the strength and size in your forearms, I couldn’t recommend it more!

The results really do speak for themselves and it doesn’t add a terrible amount of time to your workout. You can either add it in to the warm up and the beginning or as a finisher at the end! Good luck and have fun!


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