2017 Natural Grip Hand Care Kit

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Want the same hand care kit presented to the CrossFit Games athletes this year?  Now is your chance.  The Natural Grip Hand Care Kit is basically the only thing you will ever need to take care of your hands.  

It includes the following: 

  • One Pair of Natural Grips (based on ring size)
  • 3 rolls of Scary Sticky Coat Tape
  • 2 tubes of WOD Repair Lotion - Maintenance
  • 1 callous shaver w/ Rasp attachment and 10 extra shaver blades
  • 1 pumice stone
  • 1 super awesome limited edition 2017 CrossFit Games case - Seriously...this is the exact same case that all the 2017 Games Athletes recived at athlete check-in.

More information on "Maintenance":

  • Daily use for maintenance of healthy calluses
  • Keeps calluses healthy and hydrated
  • Use any time post WOD
  • Preventative Care