Natural Grip Red Bandana Peg Board

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This elite line of peg boards are the first of their kind. The time for plain and boring peg boards is a thing of the past!  Our Natural Grip Collection of peg boards are the first graphically enhanced boards available in the world.


- Height: 60"
- Width: 9"
- Depth: 1 1/2"
- Weight: Approximately 18lbs

Each peg board comes securely wrapped and shipped, along with two (2) 6" oak pegs.  


Equipment should be used only as intended, maintained carefully and inspected periodically by user for loose fittings and tested for stability.  The Natural Grip, LLC has provided four (4) pre-drilled anchor points and DOES NOT recommend drilling through the graphic. Purchaser assumes all mounting liability. It is highly recommended that this equipment be mounted to a secure surface: concrete, brick, or wooden wall studs - NOT drywall.

Custom Peg Boards

We can customize our peg boards with a unique design specific to you! Get started here.