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The Natural Grip comes with one pair of Natural Grips and a roll of Natural Tape.

The Natural Grip is made out of a Zinc Oxide 100% cotton tape that provides excellent tensile strength and superior comfort. It has a Latex free adhesive. Our cotton tape material is a superior quality and is not able to be bought in local athletic stores. The material used is high-quality porous so it is NOT washable but it is breathable. Also they are handmade to fit based off of your ring finger size. They will last 3-6 months depending on frequency of use.

We do recommend that you tightly attach your grips around the wrist in order to prevent them from slipping during your workout. The Natural Grip is sized based off of your RING finger size. Please see our sizing guide if you need help determining your size. If you are in between sizes please round up to the next size.

Go Extended

By selecting the extended option, you will receive a grip that is 2 inches longer than the standard grip.  It is designed for customers who have bigger hands, longer palms or just like a little extra length.  It's still the same high quality Natural Grip, just longer.  If you have any questions about if this product is right for you, please contact us at thenaturalgrip@gmail.com.