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Best AR 15 Pistol Grip


Best AR 15 Pistol Grip

If you are thinking of building an AR-15  a choosing a pistol grip is probably one of the first things that has crossed you mind. Likewise, you may have just bought your new rifle and are already looking to upgrade just like everyone else.

However, going out and shopping for the best grip can be strenuous and time consuming considering that there are so many good offerings out on the market.

There are so many great options on the market, it really is tough to point to just one as being the best. In fact, to be completely honest…you can’t go wrong with any of the big-name brands. Their quality is amazing!

Aftermarket grips are made from high-quality, long-lasting, and crazy good ergonomic materials. So to be completely transparent…choosing the best ar 15 pistol grip is more than likely to come down to personal taste.

That being said, there are definitely some things you need to consider when buying your ar 15 pistol grip. I think I’ve outlined all the big points down below, and I’ve gone ahead and taken the time to develop a list of my top 5 personal best ar 15 pistol grips.

Let’s dive right into it!

Things To Consider When Picking Your Pistol Grip!

Let’s first not forget that the main reason for a pistol grip is so that your hand will be slightly forward and allow you to operate the rifle in a way that stable. Beyond this however, there are certain things to consider when choosing one grip over the other as not all grips have the same intended use.

The first thing to especially consider is the situation of your setup. What I mean is, is the gun going to be a one off showsy type of ar 15? Or is it going to be used by you on a daily basis.

If the gun is going to be used on a daily basis, I suggest looking for a smooth grip that has the versatility to be used every day under heavy stress environments.

However, if the rifle is just going to be used at the range or displayed at a show and conference every couple weeks…then you can probably forego practicality and go for whatever looks the coolest!

Either way you decide to go, it’s going to come down to you and your own personal style. However, let’s dive a little bit deeper into these considerations. Starting with comfort and Ergonomics!


Ergonomics is absolutely huge when it comes to picking the grip for your ar 15! The rifle needs to be fitted with a grip that is specifically designed for what you are going to use it for. Here’s a list of things to compare when thinking about your intended use:

  • Reduced grip vs standard grip
  • Hard finished or rubberized
  • Material grade
  • Hand size (this is huge…or small. Pun intended)
  • Smooth texturing or grippy
  • Glove usage vs non glove usage
  • No finger grooves vs finger grooves

What I am looking to do for my personal best ar 15 hand grip is one that has finger grooves, is rubberized, and has grippy texturing.

This will be a gun that I will use at the range and it will be comfortable enough for me to shoot rounds upon rounds without tiring out. You’d be surprised just how much more tired a different grip will make you out on the range.

Grip Type and Finger Grooves

These two are super important. I think everyone can agree that they like enough of a grip to their ar 15 that makes them feel as if the gun is going to leave their hands. However, too much of a grip can be a bad thing.

Speaking from personal experience it can be really uncomfortable when you are having to move constantly with the rifle, especially when you don’t have gloves.

But, I’d be lying if I said everyone loves grip-less rifles. Nobody does haha. The truth is that there has to be balance, it can’t be too aggressive or else it’ll cut up your hands. It can’t be too smooth or it’ll be hard to hold on to.

Finger grooves are another point on the list.

Some people really love finger grooves because the feel as if the grip is fitting them like a glove.

Others don’t like finger grooves nearly as much.

Personally, I love strong grips and big finger grooves, I recommend the hogue and ergo grips.

Value And Quality

I think we can all admit here that we do not want to be the guy who buys the cheapest grip and get laughed out of the range, but we also don’t want to be that guy who always buys the most expensive brand name grip just to say we have it.

The good news is that even the best grips won’t break the bank and on top of that, almost every company is trusted to use the best sorts of materials so you don’t have to worry about anything eve breaking on you.

So, What Are My Top 5 AR 15 Pistol Grips?

  • Hogue OverMolded: This is without a doubt my number 1 choice this pistol grip is insanely ergonomic because of its rubberized finish, finger grooves, and palm swells!
  • Tangodown BG-17: This is one of my favorite grips if I am going for simplicity. The design isn’t busy and it’s more practical then anything else. If you are looking for a comfortable daily, this one’s for you!
  • Magpul Miad: This grip is my third choice because of its ability be modified in and of itself, you can change out the cores and it even gives you some lube for ease of attachment!
  • BCM Gunfighter MOD-3: This one made the list because of it’s incredible practicality. The grip actually has a weather-proof storage compartment at the bottom of it. You can’t store much…but hey, it’s the thought that counts! It is also extremely comfortable.
  • MAGPUL MOE-K2: This grip is very simple and laid back. It has a finger groove right at the index finger. The only downside is the discomfort the strap it comes with causes after long usage.


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