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Best Grip Tape Skateboard


Best Grip Tape Skateboard

Have you ever wanted to get the best grip tape for your skateboard but just have never known where to turn? Don’t worry bro! I got you!

There are a lot of things you need to consider when getting the best grip tape skateboard. And I’m also sure you probably have a handful of questions as well.

My little buying guide that I have put together here will go over everything you need to know and more, when it comes to buying the best grip tape for a skateboard!

Grizzly Stamp Print

This is perhaps one of the best grip tapes out there on the market today! If you are wanting a grip that is good all around this is the one for you!

The grip stays on your deck really well and the it doesn’t burn through the bottom of your shoes. This is an issue with most grip tapes because of how strong they are. However, Grizzly’s protect your shoes!

Perhaps one of the best things about this grip tape as compared to other brands is its strong adhesive. Other brands adhesive can be lower quality and bunch up and rip off…

But Grizzly’s stay on like it was the grip tape your skateboard came with! They offer most sizes for regular skateboards, but haven’t hit the long board game quite yet so if you have a long board, you’re out of luck.

MOB Grip Tape

If you are looking for the hairiest of the hairy, then this is the brand and product for you. But beware… this grip tape is not for the faint of heart. Don’t wear your favorite pair of shoes with this board!

Mob has the strongest, most aggressive grip tape in the market right now. Like the burning holes through your shoes aggressive kind.

If you do some crazy wicked tricks with your skateboard and need all the grip you can get, then this is your best choice hands down.

Fortunately, over time the grip tape will become more mellow and won’t wear out shoes nearly as bad, but if you’re looking at this product seriously then it’s worth it!

One of the best things I have personally noticed about this grip tape in particular is its strength and durability.

Most grip tapes will tear upon placement because of weak paper, however, MOB’s grip tape is much strong and does not tear as easily upon application.

Unfortunately, just like Grizzly’s, this is not yet offered for long boards yet. Sorry peeps!

Jessup Grip Tape

If you want the best grip tape skateboard that’s mellow, this brand is the one for you! It is the least aggressive tape on this list and doesn’t wear your shoes out nearly as much as the two above it.

Jessup uses a material called silicon carbide on their grip tape. The good thing about this material is that it doesn’t really flake all that much…however it doesn’t last nearly as long as MOB or Grizzly.

This is a grip tape I would recommend for beginners. It will give you a nice grip over your stock board and be that stepping stone to getting more aggressive grip tapes down the line.

The only area I will ding this brand on is its willingness or lack thereof to give back to the skating community. Grizzly and MOB always find a way to give back…COME ON JESSUP!!

Lucid Spray On Grip Tape

Just as the name suggests, this grip tape is spray on! Yes, I know it is a little different from the other tapes on this list but it’s a worth addition…here’s why!

This spray on grip tape is the worthy to be on this list simply because of its ability to be customized. Unlike the other best grip tape skateboards on this list, you can apply the grip only where you see fit.

Now this isn’t grip tape you want to be using if you’re doing all the fancy tricks, but if you are just wanting some extra grip for your cruise with the boys…then this is perfect for you!

It may not be as sharp as other grips, but it is available for any type of board since it is a spray on…and I consider that a plus!!


How Do I Know What Size Grip Tape To Get?

I’m glad you asked! In most cases the brand will let you know in the product description. They will normally say something along the lines of “best grip tape skateboard” or “best grip tape longboard”.

Even though this seems like something simple, I’d be rich if I got a nickel for every time somebody ordered the wrong size grip tape. If all else fails, call the company and speak with a rep! They will be more than happy to take care of you!

Do Longboards Need Different Grip Tape?

In most cases you can use the same type of grip for your longboard, unless of course you’re a hardcore downhill skater…then you need something super aggressive.

Most grip tapes will actually work for your longboard…it’s just a matter of making sure you get the right size. Obviously if you buy a grip that doesn’t cover your whole board, it’s gonna suck.

But yeah, longboards can use the same type of grip tape skateboards use. Just make sure you are picking a grip based on your needs as a long boarder.

When Should I Change My Grip Tape?

Short answer: Almost never! Long answer: What is so awesome about grip tapes is their strength and durability. In most cases you will find that the grip tape will actually outlast the deck as long as you take care of it and clean it.

How Do I Clean Grip Tape For My Skateboard?

There are a couple different options here. You could go out and buy a true grip cleaner online. They are fairly cheap. It’s simply just a piece of rubber that gets in-between the grips and gets the dirt out.

A Forrest Gump at home option would be the old tooth brush cleaner. The tooth brush is a great at home cleaning option because its bristles are able to get between even the smallest gaps and get the dirt out.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best grip tape skateboard is a fun experience. Enjoy it! I hope this helped make your decision a little bit easier. Good luck!



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